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I used to think I didn't like sweet potatoes either, and then I roasted them and put them in a quesadilla with a bunch of tasty-goodness and they changed my world. So here's a high-five for liking sweet potatoes!

And man-o-man does this soup look good. <3

Oh my gosh, we're on the same wavelength! Haha, roasting sweet potatoes is amazing. Actually, most vegetables taste amazing when roasted. I'll have to try them in a quesadilla. Thank you!

So fancy and yet so simple. Love it!

Thanks Maja! That's the kind of food I love :)

Being that I am very fond of sweet potatoes, I know I will like trying your recipe for the sweet potato soup. I adore soups of all kinds and, especially, creamed soups. I use the pink Himalayan salt, also. A doctor friend of ours that is big in Homeopathic says it is the best salt for you and it has a nice flavor. I will prefer to use the heavy cream instead of milk or half-and-half. The Gorgonzola cheese will be a nice touch.

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