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Congrats on 100, my favorite cook book is pioneer woman's cookbook, for all the pictures. I also love a really good knife.

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My favorite cook books is a set of 12 Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery, that I was passed down from my mom when I got married (almost 40 years ago). Just about anything about cooking or any recipe I'm looking for are in these. books.

I love a really nice wooden spoon :) My favorite cookbook is Veganomicon.

I posted on Facebook!

I posted on Facebook

I would like to try your Rocky Road Brownies, they sound delicious!

I'm so happy for you!! Congrats on all the deliciousness!...let's see my most used kitchen tool...I don't think I could live without my Spatula Smart Mixer! I love love to bake so I use that every time!

Congrats on your success!!
My favorite tool is the microplane!!

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My favorite cookbook is McCall's Cook Book, and my favorite kitchen tool is my juicer!

My favorite kitchen tool is a good, sharp chef's knife!

My favprite cook book is better homes and garden cook book. The first cook book my mom gave me!


Most used kitchen tool? Digital Scale!!!

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My favorite cook book is Art Smith's Back to the Table

Congrats on the milestone! Great giveaway!! (I follow your facebook page)

Yikes. Because I can't follow directions, I'll include two of the entries in this one to make up for my previous comment: My most used kitchen tool is definitely a wooden spoon. I use it almost every time I cook!

Also, I am drooling over those cookies and cream brownies! Yum-- I have to try these!

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so cool! Lovely blog, I am a fan on Facebook :) Under my page as well as me personally! My favorite book would have to be The Silver Palate Cookbook. My first "official" cookbook!

re-posting on Facebook! the more the merrier!

I need to try your gluten-free brownies. They look so delicious! :)

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My favorite cookbook of all time is America's Test Kitchen Complete Cookbook. It gave me all the surefire techniques to make amazing dishes, and then I can take their knowhow and create my own recipes.

I would love to try your Apple Tart with Spiced Apple Butter and Streusel topping. It's fall time, it calls for warm and cozy recipes. :)

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